"Self-health" management platform for a COVID world.

Our Misson


  • Receiving personalised alerts unique to your body, before a crisis sets in?

  • Knowing that your loved one was being continuously monitored 24/7?

  • Reducing primary care load by identifying and prioritising those at acute risk?

  • Predicting the onset of disease and illness at the population level?

  • Enabling better affordable quality of life for everyone everywhere?

Our mission with Canary Sentinel is to provide everyone with a personal health guardian.


Through our affordable gender-responsive preventive, predictive, personalised tele-monitoring and clinical decision support systems, we provide the information necessary to take action before a crisis sets in.

Our markets

Out-patient health monitoring anytime, anywhere

Our affordable and medical-grade hardware and software solution enables the measurement of key vitals sign and provides derangement alerts in adults and children.

Independent ageing in emerging markets:

Our bio-sensors monitor health markers 24/7 and provide alerts, reports and assessments directly to carers and next of kin. 

Occupational health and safety monitoring:

We enhance fatigue management systems by adding a layer of health monitoring so that employees are able to better manage their workload with evidence-based information.

Post-acute COVID-19: The need for affordable continuous tele-monitoring systems.

Evidence points to acute COVID becoming a chronic condition in some, leading to secondary infections and remissions and exacerbations of existing conditions.


Economies opening up and 'recovered' individuals heading back to work with on-going symptoms.

High risk of complications and death amongst Black, Asian and Hispanics from low-income communities.


Current figures estimate that almost 90% of patient who have been discharged from hospital experience at least 1 ongoing symptom 60-days post-onset of symptoms,

and 50% have at least 3 symptoms. 40% report worsening quality of life post-discharge.


Covid-19 has the potential to cause acute cardiac problems, in particular myocarditis, long-term lung scarring (pulmonary fibrosis) with diminished lung function, cognitive impairment, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression. 

Due to the confounding nature of this disease making an accurate assessment requires

detailed information. This is challenging in cases involving at-risk groups such as older

adults with memory loss, with children, or with individuals whose health problems limit

communication or reliable self-reporting. Therefore digital records are advantageous.

How it works 

At the core of the Canary Sentinel system is an affordable, intelligent, scalable telemonitoring platform. 


Our system consists of a wearable bio-sensor and proprietary machine learning and data analytics delivering a highly personalised predictive solution with actionable information for users, health practitioners, payers, and employers.


To avoid false positives, the system recognises and adapts to gender and its effect on symptoms and physiology. 

Canary Band

The Canary band uses medical-grade sensing technology to continuously and unobtrusively measure vital signs for adults and kids.


In addition to the four main vital signs routinely monitored by medical professionals:

  • Body temperature.

  • Pulse rate.

  • Respiration rate (rate of breathing)

  • Blood pressure 


The Canary band also measures SPO2 using red light PPG. This makes it ideal for COVID 19 outpatients and those who may be at risk due to underlying conditions like asthma at any age.

Canary App

Contactless and remote 30-second vital signs scan for real-time measurements of blood pressure values, respiration rate, BMI and emotion. 


Programmable symptoms triage bot 

Reports and assessments for risk of clinical deterioration,  heart attack and stroke and general health.


Real-time measurements of vital signs integration into telemedicine and video consultation 

Canary Admin Portal

Customizable data visualisation and administration portal and control user interface

Digital Health Assistant

Behavioural outcomes modeling system 

Canary sentinel products and services are not medical devices, and are not intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease or condition

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